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      JuLong Packaging Systems Co.,Ltd is a brand new company in Packaging System industry.JuLong is located in ZhongShan City, which is an excellent city close to GuangZhou City. JuLong was finished the construction and renovation of stage one in 2015.

      JuLong Packaging Systems Co.,Ltd is a high-tech packaging systems company. JuLong has been dedicated to developrnent and productlorl of dispenser pumps, which include lotion pumps, mist sprayer and foamer pumps,etc.

      JuLong has 22,000 square meters standardize plant.And there are 2,000 square metre class 100,000 clarification plant located on the workshop.There are dozens of injection moulding machines.JuLong also developed 5 auto production lines.The total production at stage one can reach 700,000 per day.

      JuLong is a pretty brand new company,but it has an experience team which has been working in the packaging system for more than 20- years.JuLong is engaged in research and development.There are several patents in packaging system design has owned.JuLong also has an excellent performance team stick with the mould and production line.